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As part of our business website design packages we offer Search Engine Optimization. While visitors can be driven to your website through other means, Search Engine Optimization is the most economical method to drive the most customers to your site. Through heavy web site optimization, your site can rank highly in the natural search results of the search engines. In addition to being free of cost, these natural results are much more frequently utilized and trusted by potential customers than the paid advertisements found on most every page.
To the right are the search engine results for Techniques Dental Lab: www.techniquesdentallab.com Note: These are the natural (unpaid) results. The key phrases below utilize the same keywords dentists attempting to find a provider for the services of a dental lab, such as Techniques, are likely to use.

Rank is listed as the actual position on the page starting with page one.  i.e. a rank of 1 is the first natural result on the first page, a rank of 15 is the fifth result of the second page, a rank of "No" means the result was not in the first 50 (5 pages).

In our information gathering session with the owner of Techniques Dental Lab, it was determined that the most significant product to drive new business to is the Procera line, due to the recent lease/purchase of expensive CAD/CAM equipment required in the manufacturing process. In addition, we determined that it would be beneficial to drive rankings to the Lava and Captek lines.  By obtaining high ranking search results utilizing these brand names, we were able to help Techniques dental lab to piggy-back on the Multi-million dollar marketing efforts of these large corporations which have created a demand for these products among dental professionals. In turn, when a dental professional is searching for one of these products in the geographic market of Techniques Dental Lab, they find Techniques Dental Lab.

Procera  - Manufactured by Nobel BiocareTM, Procera  is a popular brand of material used in the manufacture of "all ceramic" crowns and bridges

 Captek- Popular brand of gold material used in the manufacture of crowns and bridges

Lava - Manufactured by 3M, Lava is a popular brand of material used in the manufacture of "all ceramic" crowns and bridges

The significance of the results to the right of this message is that previously our search engine optimization efforts had resulted in Techniques Dental Lab earning high rankings primarily when geographic terms such as Ohio were entered. The current results are for terms that are used across the nation as well as internationally.
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How do I get found on Google? We get you found on Google Take this challenge! Type in key phrases about some of the products your business offers.  For this challenge, you be the consumer. Think about what you would type into Google or another search engine if you were looking for the product your company offers, but were not aware of your company.  This is the same way that your potential future customers/clients will find their supplier for the products or services you offer.  Are they finding you?  

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Below are actual results from various search engines for some of the core products offered by Techniques Dental Lab, Inc.  Of course if you search for Techniques Dental Lab, this search should almost always produce a number one ranking on the first page of results. The fact is that unless you are a huge corporation like WalMart or your potential customers are looking for you due to some other promotional material you have placed into their hands or sight, it is unlikely that they will search for your business by name.  Do you want your customers to find you or your competitors?
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We help your business to get found on Google, Yahoo, Bing, AOL, and many more We research the keywords that are important to your business, and optimize your website to get it found by your customers
 Great news for the Search Engine Marketing efforts for TechniquesDentalLab.com! On 10/01/2009 we tested important key phrases and found #1 ranking in Google.

Key phrases and Google results:
Procera Dental Lab  #1
Procera Lab            #1
Captek Dental Lab   #1
Captek Lab             #5
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