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While the significance of both a well designed and a well written site is apparent, the question remains; how do I get visitors/customers to my site?  To this question, there are numerous answers, but where this page will focus is on Search Engine Marketing.

At RBiZ Marketing, in addition to professional website design and development we specialize in Search Engine Optimization. We design websites that earn high page rank in order to get your business found by its customers, thus driving new business to your business.

View our case study on our optimization of TechniquesDentalLab.com and put your website to the optimization challenge 



Natural results in terms of search engines are the unpaid results of a search, these typically are the results that begin to appear immediately below the first one to three paid advertisements. 

Page Rank is how soon your page appears when you go to a search engine and enter specific keywords or key phrases.  Page rank is very significant because the typical consumer usually does not search past the first page or two of results before choosing who to do business with or starting a new search with different keywords.

RBiZ Marketing is Based in Columbus, Ohio. As an Ohio website designer and marketing consulting firm, we are happy to help local businesses in Columbus and all of Ohio grow. In addition to serving the central Ohio market we are happy to accept clients on a national scale.


Have a great website already, but it doesn't rank well in the search engines?

We can help!

In addition to search engine optimized website design, we provide optimization services for existing websites.


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Search Engine Marketing and Optimization

Search Engine Marketing through web site optimization is one of the most frequently overlooked areas of web design. A web designer can build an incredibly attractive and well designed web site, but if it does not appear highly ranked in the search engines it's like "putting up a billboard in the desert!" The goal of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is to drive relevant traffic to your site from search engines. That means "the customers who are looking for your product or services are able to find your business."

What is Search Engine Marketing?
Search Engine Marketing is the marketing of a website through the "natural" results of search engines such as
Google, MSN, Yahoo, AltaVista, AllTheWeb, Bing, and numerous others. 

How do I get my website to rank on the first page?
There are numerous things that search engines look for in determining where to rank your site.  While there are many factors, one key factor in earning a first page ranking is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) At its most basic level Search Engine Optimization is a method by which specific keywords and key phrases are written into the site in the optimal amount of frequency and matched up in the meta data (data in the code of the site that the search engines view). There are many other steps to SEO, including setting up "relevant" backlinks, embedding information into the code for the search engine spiders to find, and more.

Can I just type the same words and phrases into my site repeatedly?
The search engines view this action as "spamming" the words into the site and will blacklist a site for this type of content, and therefore your site may not appear at all. Overuse of keywords can cause the search engines to penalize a site as well, thus the optimal frequency of keywords and key phrases is important. The search engines use complicated algorithms to detect and insure that the pages of websites they are ranking are relevant. Additionally, when your potential customer arrives at a site that does not make sense, it leaves a bad impression with them and will likely result in them looking elsewhere.

What research is involved?
When we optimize your website, we don't just randomly choose keywords and key phrases.   We utilize research  tools to find out how people are searching for your type of business. As marketing professionals we also attempt to leverage the marketing and branding efforts of the brands that your business offers, where possible. To see an example of how we leverage the multi million dollar efforts of national brands, view the case study of Techniques Dental Lab.
Located in Columbus, Ohio, RBiZ Marketing specializes in serving small to mid size businesses throughout Ohio as well as on a national basis.

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RBiZ Marketing specializes in Internet Marketing, including SEO, PPC management, and Web Design
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